We managed to increase media pressure by 40% while lowering the Cost per Visit by 10% for our client Exporo – a FinTech company focused on crowd investing in real estate


Exporo’s product occupies an important niche in the FinTech market but posed a strong challenge to Videobeat that niche channels were quickly covered. After a strong push by early adopters, another strategy had to be found for further growth.


Videobeat’s Approach

In 2018, Videobeat und Exporo opted for a series of measures to grow further through TV. The CPV optimization approach was applied in terms of TV reach and frequency and, above all, net reach. The initial channel set-up was broken up and renewed to clearly focused on net reach. The addition of a public broadcaster led to a brand boost. Intensive A/B testing of various new spots prevented wear-out effects.



The reduction in the number of channels from 25 to 15 and the use of new spots led to a 40% increase in media pressure, while the cost per visit was reduced by 10%. The addition of reach channels ensured a lasting effect on the brand – even in times without TV flights.